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Incredibly aesthetic blue – violet apatite crystal on matrix. Undamaged. Color depends of light but with daylight it has a very beautiful and deep blue color. Read more info about this classic mine in the blog:

I bought this exceptional specimen at the mines, maybe around 2002 when high quality pockets were found while working the upper levels of the mine. The color of this apatite crystal is truly rare, it is very difficult to define it because it depends of the type of light and also how it reaches the crystal. It is a deep very intense blue with a hint of violet just under daylight. If direct sunlight reaches the crystal beautiful violet – blue you see violet – blue reflections.  The luster is top and main and side crystals are undamaged. We can send more photos on request.

Green is a common color for Panasqueira apatites, together with very pale colors or grey ones, those are the most common colors. The intense blue and violet are much harder to get, yellow ones are also difficult to see.

The specimen is completely natural, its matrix has not been cut it or altered in any way. It is matrix is composed of very small siderite and moscovite crystals. I would say it is a floater with some minor siderite crystals at the back of the specimen.

If you are looking for a different, high quality specimen from the famous Panasqueira mines this is a good opportunity.

More info about apatite mineral, click here.

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Dimensions 5.0 × 3.9 × 2.5 cm