“Great collections are created by cultivated taste – assisted by money to gratify that taste.” Paul Desautels, former curator of minerals at the Smithsonian Institution, 1968.


Desautels himself was a prime example of a great connoisseur. He spent much of his life improving the Smithsonian gem and fine mineral collections and, after retirement, he served as fine mineral purchasing consultant for Texas oil businessmen Perkins Sams.

“The connoisseur faces the critical problem,“ Desautels went on to say, “of locating specimens of the highest beauty. There never have been, and are not now, enough of them to satisfy demand. As a result severe competition [takes place] for a few specimens.” That was true in 1968, when Desautels published his remarkable book, The Mineral Kingdom, and is even more true today. A new generation of collectors is aspiring to the ranks of high connoisseurship in mineral specimen collecting, and they are competing actively to identify and acquire the finest mineral specimens available.

Connoisseurship, however, is not easy to attain. Desautels called it “a combination of knowledge and intelligence” resulting in the establishment of personal standards for aesthetics, perfection, rarity and scientific importance. That kind of knowledge takes many years to acquire.

fine minerals - natural art

Source: The Magnificent Mineral Collection of Joseph A. Freilich. Sotheby’s, New York, January 11 and 12, 2001.


“Without proper guidance, purchasing fine minerals as a financial investment can be very risky. Expert advice is essential for making responsible investment choices.” Juan F. Buelga


Nowadays, fine mineral collections can represent significant financial investments. Our evaluation process guides clients through informed decision-making.

• Assist novice fine mineral collectors in developing appropriate collecting strategies.
• Review existing collections.
• Recommend acquisitions and sales as opportunities arise.
• Analyze risk, liquidity and price for potential acquisitions.
• Conduct comprehensive market research.
• Fine mineral collection management.
• Mineral show guidance.