Mineral collecting tours offered by Juan F. Buelga from Spanish Minerals. Unique adventure, geological and archeological travel experiences, designed to your needs. More than twenty years of experience in mineral collecting adventures and buying trips in Spain and Portugal.

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Mineral collecting tours


Every itinerary I plan together with my client is tailor – made with uncompromising attention to detail, allowing you to make the most of your precious time here in the sunny Spain! The planning of the mineral collecting tour should start a few months before, especially if you plan to visit Spain during the months of July or August!


As well as ensuring your comfort, our long-standing connections allow us to offer  experiences beyond the reach of the ordinary traveler. From unusual dining opportunities to encounters with friendly local people, we can arrange the kind of privileged access that sets our mineral collecting tours beyond all others offered in the Iberian Peninsula.


If you like to travel and enjoy nature, send me an email to juan@spanishminerals.com or just contact me by cell phone / WhatsApp (+34 600 082 285) and I will reply you with five different options to start designing a tour plus any other info you might like to have.

You will discover the beautiful land where your loved mineral specimens come from.



Mineral collecting tours - Spain

What makes my mineral collecting tours special?


I am a passionate professional with a degree in Geology who loves my job and enjoy sharing my knowledge and time with you. My years of experience as an exploration geologist in Western Australia allows me to offer as much adventure as you want in your travels.


Become surprised visiting the mineralogical museums of Spain, knowing details of some important private mineral collections or hiking to the mines in the Picos de Europa mountains where the views will take your breath away.


My knowledge extends to the whole Iberian Peninsula but I am an expert in the north Spain area, “Green coast of Spain”. We have an in-house selection of accommodations but happy to provide you first-hand information about any hotel or restaurant. While professionally I am focused in geology and mineralogy some people consider I am a true foodie so I always point to my customers to the type of food and atmosphere that they like.




Fundamental pillars of our mineralogical and adventure tours

Four principles in our daily work


Mineralogical and geological tours in Spain are based on compromise, identification of necessities, dedication and flexibility



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Mineral collecting tours in Spain