Fine minerals have been the focus of Spanish Minerals since 2003. As our company name suggests, we are specialists in fine mineral specimens from Spain. However, we deal in worldwide fine minerals as well. After all these years, we are proud of having among our customers important Natural History museums, some of the best international mineral dealers and well known private fine mineral collectors all over the world.


Fine minerals - Spanish MineralsFluorite, Berbes, Spain. Price on request.

Our selection of fine minerals


The selection of our fine mineral specimens is principally based on aesthetics, with parameters like color, balance or crystal quality of paramount importance for us.


Spanish Minerals commits to offer our clients, not only fine mineral specimens, but also professional advice for the novice as well as the experienced natural art collector.



Our mineralogical and geological tours


Juan F. Buelga from Spanish Minerals offers unique mineralogical and geological travel experiences made to your needs. More than twenty years of experience in mineral collecting adventures and buying trips in Spain and Portugal.


If you like to travel, the mountains and its minerals, send me an email to or just contact me by cell phone / WhatsApp (+34 600 082 285) and I will email you detailed information. You will discover the beautiful land where your loved fine mineral specimens come from.


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