leaf gold mineral specimen
  • leaf gold mineral specimen

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Reference number: 50643 Species: Gold Locality: Mt. Margaret, Laverton, Western Australia, Australia Size: 6.2 × 3.3 × 0.2 cm
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Gold mineral specimen from Australia showing a rich deep metallic yellow color. This rare leaf gold shows some hard to see flattened triangular crystals. The specimen weights about half an ounce. Exactly, 17 grams. It was found by a well –known Australian prospector in 2012, I personally bought it at his home in Laverton during one of my flights from Perth to Laverton. This old men used to look for gold in the area. He melted and take it to the Perth Mint but I was lucky to find this gold mineral specimen before his usual trips to the Perth Mint.

Not many leaf gold specimens online, I found this one but it is from a USA locality:

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