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Reference number: 50628 Species: Baryte, Calcite, Fluorite Locality: Moscona Mine, Solis, Asturias, Spain Size: 16.7 × 10.3 × 7.3 cm
Price: €250 €450


This is one of the most appealing fluorite plates I have ever seen from La Moscona mine. It consists of a three dimensional and very well shaped rock matrix fully covered by yellow fluorite crystals up to one centimetre. Some of the crystals present rare red phantoms and pyrite inclusions. Luster is gorgeous and the piece is in pristine condition, considering its size, this is utterly rare. What else? Well, a very neat calcite crystal cluster sits perfectly just in the middle of the specimen! The bottom of this piece is not rough rock, it is covered by minutely crystallized barite crystals. In person this specimen is more three dimensional, with several “fluorite mounts” giving a very pleasant undulating appearance to this gorgeous specimen.

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