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Reference number: 50625 Species: Calcite, Fluorite Locality: Moscona Mine, Solis, Asturias, Spain Size: 13.2 × 10.2 × 5.9 cm
Price: €180 €330


This remarkable specimen features a gorgeous cluster of calcite crystals up to 5 cm (2 inches) on a gently curving convex rock matrix covered by dolomite crystals. The calcite crystals have one side with one of the best lustres I have ever seen for calcite plus a bonus of some nice internal coloured reflections. The back side of the cluster has a mat luster, quite appealing as well, it remember the luster of some botryoidal malachite. The entire piece is pristine, even the periphery!  It really “sparkles” in light. With some areas looking like “spray painted” with minutely crystallized, sparkling, deep violet fluorite. Its proportions, colors and textures made the bottom of this specimen a truly piece of natural art.

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