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  • blue barite

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Reference number: 50593 Species: Baryte, Fluorite Locality: Moscona Mine, Solis, Asturias, Spain Size: 9.1 × 8 × 4 cm
Price: €630 €1800


Quality blue barytes are, no doubt, the holy grail of La Moscona Mine. They are so scarce that I buy every good one I can lay hands on for their beauty, uniqueness, and importance as historic pieces. This specimen has well-formed blue barite crystals aesthetically perched on gemmy, intense yellow fluorite crystals.  What a striking color combination! The cluster of blue crystals, individually to 3.2 cm, is 5.4 cm across. The quality of these crystals is extremely high and such specimens are hard to find always. Condition is outstanding, I cannot see any damage. Video available.

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