Munich Mineral Show 2014

Munich Mineral Show 2014

Munich Mineral Fair 2014

The largest and most important mineral fair in Europe is about to start! Yes, The Munich Mineral Fair is going to be held this week. Friday the 24th of October is the day for registered buyers and during the weekend it is open for everyone. This year the theme will be meteorites but,as every year, you will find there gems, stones, fossils and of course mineral specimens!

Those above are the main themes but there will be some booths offering mining parafernalia, antique books or tools for crystal hunting among other things. For example, Jörgen Langhof from NHM in Stockholm and Johan Kjellman, will have a small exhibit on old crystal models at M34-M35 in Hall A5.

This year I will miss the show but anyone interested in sharing some photos about the Munich Show 2014 is more than welcome to do it.

To contact me just send me an email to We appreciate any photo of the show you can send to us.

Link to the official Munich Mineral Show page

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