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rare fluorite modification

Modified fluorite crystals

In this post I am going to write about modified fluorite crystals. It is not going to be an static post, so each time I come across a nice modification, or I wonder about which type of modification has one of my specimens,… I will let you know through this post. Basically, I will post modified fluorite crystals from Asturias, but that is a lot because some of the fluorite localities in Asturias produce many lovely and different modifications.

As you probably already know, among thousands of different mineral species, fluorite is one of the most loved ones. I would dare to say it is the mineral that most collectors like! It can present lots of different colours, awesome and different mineral associations, crystallizations, corner modifications and so on!

Let’s start with one thumbnail fluorite specimens I sent recently to a good friend.

Please if you think any of the modifications presented here are incorrectly named, or just because you want to discuss about them, please feel free to let me know through email or just write a comment! Pretty sure there will be doubts in some crystals!

Modified fluorite crystal
Fluorite crystal from Emilio Mine, Asturias, Spain. It shows a trapezohedron modification {113}, specially well developed in one of its faces.
Modifications in fluorite
Another view of the same modified crystal
Inclusions in modified fluorite crystal
Silvery coloured inclusions inside the modified crystal



Today I just shot again a really weird modification on one fluorite specimen from La Viesca Mine, Asturias, Spain.

I found some of these modifications a few years ago in different pockets and it was a total surprise to me. I had never seen anything like this.

It reminds to the pattern when you separate two crystals but this is clearly not that case.

Let’s see some photos.

rare dodecahedral modification
With this photo you can appreciate well the modification. Looks like a normal cube, but in one of its corners it presents a dodecahedral modification plus many fine lines on each side.
rare modified fluorite
Other side of the same crystal showing very minor dodecahedron modifications.
Modified fluorite
Overall view of the specimen. It is around 3 cm.


Juan Fernandez Buelga