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Sharing my passion about fine minerals. Juan F. Buelga.

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  1. Hola Juan, acabo de enontrar tu web sobre la Fluorita en Asturias, un mineral nuevo para mí de gran interés.

    Me gustaría ponerme en contacto contigo personalmente por si me pudieras orientar un poco sobre a quién dirigirme, dónde ir etc, dado que me gustaría conseguir algunas muestras.

    Un saludo, y enhorabuena por la web.
    Muchas gracias,


  2. Hi Juan
    Soy amigo de Jose Ramon Alvarez pero vive en Huelva ahora.
    Hablo un poco de espanol.
    Estare en espana norte en septiembre. Ahora en ingles! I come there every year and stay with my wife en Ribadesella.
    Do you collect minerals en la zona de Berbes ?
    I would like to collect minerals with someone that knows the area well.

  3. In December 2016 I found and read your article about Differenciating fluorite specimens from Asturias. First post, colour !
    As my printer is black and white, I would like to look again at the colour samples you published but your article seems no longer available on the blog of spanishminerals.com.
    Is there any possibility to read it on another location ?


  4. Hola John,

    I have been collecting in the area most of my life so it is not a problem to be your guide during your mineralogical tour in Spain. Keep in touch. Juan

  5. Hola Jordi,

    Puedes contactarme por email juan () spanishminerals.com Soy especialista en fluoritas de Asturias cualquier duda que tengas preguntame. Un saludo.

  6. Hi Dina,
    Thanks for your question.
    Sorry we had a problem with our server and the article was offline during a long time but now is back. Please let me know if you have any problems finding the post “Differenciating fluorite specimens from Asturias….”
    Any other questions please let me know. Cheers, Juan

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