Fluorite with inclusions

New Spanish Minerals Update featuring 18 mineral specimens from different spanish localities

New Spanish Minerals update with 18 nice mineral specimens from different spanish localities. Mainly specimens from the northern areas of Spain but you will find a few mineral specimens from the south and central Spain. Enjoy!

Several localities of Asturias, Spain:

A few fluorites with barite or calcite from the famous Emilio Mine.

La Moscona Mine specimens. Including a rare dark blue one with blue and yellow phantoms in some of its crystals, etc.

La Viesca, La Collada dark blue and ligh blue specimens.

Fluorite specimens from Corta la Sirena, La Collada de Atras. Including one cabinet size specimen featuring the uncommon green coloured crystals.

A limonite ps. of goethite from Trinidad Mine, Malaga.


And some other interesting mineral specimens!


Click here to see the complete update:


Dolomite crystals, Eugui, Navarra, Spain
Small cabinet size Dolomite from  Eugui, Navarra, Spain. Price USD 350
Fluorite from La Viesca, La Collada, Asturias, Spain
Small cabinet size Fluorite from La Viesca, La Collada, Asturias, Spain. USD 350


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