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Jaimina fluorite update!

We offer to our clients some fine fluorites from Jaimina Mine, Asturias, Spain.

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This less known mine in Asturias has been active for some decades but it has never been a prolific mine in quality specimens. Therefore, good specimens from Jaimina Mine are highly sought after by fluorite collectors, especially by those who already have specimens from the most common localities in Asturias such as Berbes, Emilio Mine, La Viesca (La Collada), La Moscona, etc.

This update comprises eleven specimens and seven of them are from the same pocket. This very small pocket, which I call “The Hidden Pocket”, yielded very few specimens, but they delight us with a crystal quality rarely seen in this mine. In its size these are top quality specimens for the locality: they just glow like gems! These excepcionally gemmy modified cubes (tetrahexahedron) are mostly water clear, just a hint of light blue in a few specimens. Some of them are associated with white barite blades and you can see nice sulphide inclusions in a few of them. Please enlarge the photos to fully appreciate the awesome crystal patterns of these specimens!

The Hidden Pocket was overlooked for a long time until an astute miner started to dig out white fluorite sand (just like sugar!) out of a very small cavity. He was getting rid of the white sand and in the process recovering these fantastic specimens. All specimens collected were completely floaters with no point of attachment to the limestone walls. The white fine sand surrounding each specimen helped to preserve those in pristine condition!

Apart from this pocket and to give a bit of variety, we also include four older specimens from different pockets that also deserve a good look.

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All the best,

Juan F. Buelga

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