New find from the Panasqueira Mine, green to bluish quartz

An small new find with with dark green bluish quartz crystals was found in the famous Panasqueira Mines during late 2013.

Green quartz Panasqueira
Large green bluish quartz crystal with calcite  found at the Panasqueira Mine. Size: 9.5 x 8 x 7.5 cm. Fernandez Buelga Mineral Collection specimen. Juan Fernandez Buelga photo.

Panasqueira is well known for its superb colorless and trasparent quartz crystals (See article about the Panasqueira Mines in the Mineralogical Record Vol.45, 1 by Jordi Fabre and Carles Curto).

Well crystallized inclusions are not rare (see photo below) but coloured crystals are a novelty from this mine. At the moment it is not known which mineral causes this nice green bluish colour.

Arsenopyrite inclusions in a quartz from the Panasqueira Mine
Well formed arsenopyrite crystals included by colorless quartz. Panasqueira Mine, Portugal. Juan Fernandez Buelga photo.
Green quartz Panasqueira
Detail of a green bluish quartz crystal with other less included sidecar crystals. FOV 2 cm. Juan Fernandez Buelga photo.

The collected specimens are associated with two different generations of what it seems to be calcite. Some of them present colorless apatite crystals and very minor sulfides.

Green blue quartz crystal Panasaqueira
This one shows an special intense blue- green color plus minor calcite crystals. 4.3 x 4 x 2.5 cm. Spanish Minerals specimen. Juan Fernandez Buelga photo.


Juan Fernandez Buelga





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